The Woburn Chronicles

“It’s like The Devil in the White City meets Hocus Pocus”

A collection of three (interconnected) short stories, The Woburn Chronicles mixes historical fiction, horror, and urban fantasy, with a dash of Boston-Irish wit thrown in for good measure.

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Fans of Stephen King, H.G. Wells, and H.P. Lovecraft will feel right at home in this wickedly weird universe, which is brimming with ghosts, goblins, and drunks who go bump in the night.

Plot Overview

An invisible nuisance plagues an Irish American household.

A local reporter is held captive in an unfamiliar room from an unfamiliar era.

A cult meeting is interrupted by a disheveled intruder.

Over the decades, the residents of Woburn have shrugged off a host of such unusual occurrences. But the truth is… there’s something wicked bubbling beneath the surface of their city.

Set in New England’s most mysterious city, Woburn, Massachusetts, located ten miles northwest of Boston, Chronicles takes the real history of this blue-collar community and methodically peels away the layers, revealing its sinister and supernatural underbelly.

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