Interview with Alexandra Brandt, Author of “The Flat Above the Wynd”

Mt. Misery Press

The following is an interview with Alexandra Brandt, author of the short story “The Flat Above the Wynd,” which appears in Neon Druid: An Anthology of Urban Celtic Fantasy (available now on Amazon in digital and paperback).

1) What inspired you to write your Neon Druid story, “The Flat Above the Wynd”?

My whole family has been pretty obsessed with all things Celtic since I can remember. My obsession turned into its own special brand of nerdery when I went on an archaeological tour of Scotland in 2015…wait, there is nothing archaeological in this story.

What DID inspire me was the time we spent in Edinburgh, exploring Old Town and discovering all the little alleyways (wynds and closes) and side courts along the Royal Mile. (We were absolutely the idiot tourists trying to climb the stairs of a private residence.) That’s where “The Flat Above the Wynd” came from.


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