Interview with Art Lasky, Author of “Faith, Begorrah, and Oy Gevalte!”

Mt. Misery Press

The following is an interview with Art Lasky, author of the short story “Faith, Begorrah, and Oy Gevalte!”, which appears in Neon Druid: An Anthology of Urban Celtic Fantasy (available now on Amazon in digital and paperback).

1) What inspired you to write your Neon Druid story, “Faith, Begorrah, and Oy Gevalte!”?

My story starts with a little boy falling down a coal chute. Shortly before my second birthday, it was traumatic enough to remember. When a workshop prompt called for a story about a trip I had taken, well…

2) What’s something that always seems to pop up in the stories you write?

My stories always include humor and a sharp turn into weirdness.

3) Which book/story has had the biggest influence on your writing?

Winter Warriors by David Gemmell, showed me that sword & sorcery heroes need not be dour, irresistibly powerful characters. It is okay for them…

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