Interview with Jennifer Lee Rossman, Author of “Mari Lwyd”

Mt. Misery Press

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The following is an interview with Jennifer Lee Rossman, author of the short story “Mari Lwyd,” which appears in Neon Druid: An Anthology of Urban Celtic Fantasy (available now on Amazon in digital and paperback).

1) What inspired you to write your Neon Druid story, “Mari Lwyd”?

I’ll confess, I had originally written this story with a different anthology in mind, a Christmas horror anthology. So I wasn’t trying to write about Celtic mythology specifically, but the Welsh tradition of the Mari Lwyd caught my attention.

2) What’s something that always seems to pop up in the stories you write?

Dorks. I’m autistic, and a huge nerd besides, so a my quirks and love of nerdy references tend to bleed into my characters.

3) Excluding your Neon Druid story, what piece of writing are…

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