Welcome to NEON DRUID, Here’s What’s on the Menu…

Mt. Misery Press

Please, come in from the rain and pull up a barstool. Pay no mind to Jimmy over in the corner there, he’s always makin’ faces at people when they walk in. There ya go. Alright, now that you’re settled, allow me to formally welcome you to Neon Druid: An Anthology of Urban Celtic Fantasy. Rest assured that this is, indeed, a fully licensed anthology, serving only the finest in handcrafted short fiction.

On the menu tonight we have seventeen tales set in a world where the gods, goddesses, heroes, and monsters of Celtic mythology live among us, stirring up mayhem in cities and towns on both sides of the Atlantic. Here, take a look at our comprehensive Story List and pick your poison. You can enjoy these stories in any order.


NEON DRUID will be available for purchase soon! Follow @MtMiseryPress on Twitter for launch updates.


Thanks for…

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